About Preferred Capital Funding

Injury Lawsuit Funding for Clients Nationwide

Preferred Capital Funding is among the leading providers of cash advances on injury or workers’ compensation lawsuits. When a plaintiff is going through a lawsuit, he or she still needs money to pay the bills.

We provide advances anywhere from $500 to $500,000—all depending on what you need and the nature of your case.

Our company was the first lawsuit funding provider in the nation. After 18 years in business, we receive most of our business from attorneys directly. They have come to trust and rely on us.

We are owned and managed by lawyers who understand what plaintiffs and advocates need. Lawsuits take time, and good attorneys move carefully. Our service allows clients to make the best possible decisions for their case because they aren’t being pressured to settle quickly.

Why We Provide Funding

As attorneys, we understand a case can take months or even years to resolve. Your injury, whether it was a car accident, a job injury, or a slip-and-fall, has already thrown your life for a loop. Your lawsuit is taking a long time to resolve—and you’re still receiving monthly bills. Simply put, you need cash.

Preferred Capital Funding is the cash lifeline many injured victims need. We give our customers the cash they need until their case is resolved, allowing them to build a normal life while their attorney works to get them a full and fair settlement.

Apply for your lawsuit cash advance today—there’s no monthly payment, no credit requirement, and no job needed. Applying is fast, free, and simple: (888) 211-1116.