About Preferred Capital Funding

Injury Lawsuit Funding for Clients Nationwide

Preferred Capital Funding is among the leading providers of cash advances on injury or workers’ compensation lawsuits. When a plaintiff is going through a lawsuit, he or she still needs money to pay the bills.

We provide advances anywhere from $500 to $500,000—all depending on what you need and the nature of your case.

Our company was the first lawsuit funding provider in the nation. After 18 years in business, we receive most of our business from attorneys directly. They have come to trust and rely on us.

We are owned and managed by lawyers who understand what plaintiffs and advocates need. Lawsuits take time, and good attorneys move carefully. Our service allows clients to make the best possible decisions for their case because they aren’t being pressured to settle quickly.

Why We Provide Funding

As attorneys, we understand a case can take months or even years to resolve. Your injury, whether it was a car accident, a job injury, or a slip-and-fall, has already thrown your life for a loop. Your lawsuit is taking a long time to resolve—and you’re still receiving monthly bills. Simply put, you need cash.

Preferred Capital Funding is the cash lifeline many injured victims need. We give our customers the cash they need until their case is resolved, allowing them to build a normal life while their attorney works to get them a full and fair settlement.

Apply for your lawsuit cash advance today—there’s no monthly payment, no credit requirement, and no job needed. Applying is fast, free, and simple: (888) 211-1116.

What kind of cases do you finance?

Preferred Capital Funding works with injured parties across the country in workers’ compensation and injury cases of all kinds. That includes car accident claims, slip-and-fall, premises liability, trucking accidents, and any other cases involving negligence and injury.

How much money can I ask for?

We offer cash advances anywhere from $500 to $500,000. The size of your advance will depend on our underwriters and the facts of your case. We don’t offer advances based on the total value of the case, but rather on your portion of the settlement. This way, you won’t be able to take too large of an advance.

Is there a requirement for getting an advance?

Just one: be a plaintiff in an injury lawsuit. That’s all. You don’t need proof of employment or any kind of credit score-all that matters is that you’re involved in a legal claim

Will I have to make monthly payments?

At Preferred Capital Funding, there are no monthly payments required. We receive money when your case resolves, and it comes to us as a single sum rather than as a series of payments. It’s simple, easy, and helps you move on with your life as quickly as possible.

What happens to my advance if I lose my case?

If you lose your claim, you don’t pay us a cent.* Much like contingency fees for attorneys, we assume the risk of your lawsuit when we give you a cash advance. If you don’t win, you don’t need to pay - simple as that.*

*Subject to State Law

How does repayment work?

When your case resolves, we receive a portion of your settlement to pay off the balance of your cash advance. Before you receive an advance from Preferred Capital Funding, we provide you with a disclosure of all interest, charges and fees upfront, so you know exactly what you’re paying before receiving an advance.

Do you contact my insurance company?

We work exclusively and confidentially with your attorney and you. Your insurance company will not receive notice or disclosure regarding any funds you receive from us-it’s your money, and you use it for what you need, end of story.

How do I apply?

Fill out our easy form-all you need to provide is basic personal information, how much you’ll need, and the type of case you’re involved in. We will contact your attorney and, normally, within 48 hours, you’ll receive an answer from us, and we can get started on sending you your cash advance. Apply online here, or call us at (888) 211-1116 to begin the process!