Bicycle Accident Lawsuit Funding

A bicycle accident can completely upend your life. As you’re trying to get through your recovery, you’re probably also going through the difficult legal process of filing your claim. Even with a personal injury attorney at your side, it doesn’t mean the process will move any faster. You may be in a situation where waiting for your settlement isn’t a viable option. In situations like these, you may want to seek out bicycle accident lawsuit funding from Preferred Capital Funding.

We specialize in helping those who have been injured and are trying to take measures to get justice—but sometimes that process takes longer than you’d expect. That’s where we step in. With our help, you can get the funding you need. Our funding ranges from $500 to $500,000.

How Can Bicycle Accident Funding Help You?

Your bicycle collision lawsuit is supposed to provide compensation for the injuries that you’ve sustained. Seeking your settlement could take months or even years, but this doesn’t mean that the bills you have stop piling up. Having expenses and seemingly no way to pay them off can cause a considerable amount of stress.

Our process of getting lawsuit funding is simple and quick. Then, you no longer have to worry about those bills. You’ll be able to focus on your legal proceedings without having anything held over your head. You’ll also be able to recover without financial stress.

We understand how you may think that adding additional funding into the mix may seem like you’re making your situation more complicated. However, that’s not the case at all. One important aspect you need to understand about lawsuit funding is that it doesn’t have the risks you may think it does. If your case is successful, then you pay us back in one payment. You don’t have to worry about multiple payments drawn out over time.

Some people may be reluctant to seek out lawsuit funding because they’re worried about what will happen if they lose their case. However, you do not have to pay us back if you have an unsuccessful lawsuit. You won’t be taking a monetary risk when you seek funding solutions with us.

What Injuries Could Your Pre-Settlement Funding Cover?

Bicycle accidents accounted for 467,000 injuries and over 1,000 fatalities in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. How do incidents happen? They may either be intentional or unintentional. Some drivers may not think that bicyclists should drive on city roads alongside motor vehicles, which could prompt them to be more aggressive. They could tailgate, speed, or pass too closely on purpose.

Unintentional accidents can cause injuries that are just as severe. Some drivers may not know how to share the road with bicyclists. They may try to pass someone but not give them enough space or misjudge how quickly the bicyclist is traveling. Motorists are often used to looking for other cars when they’re turning or changing lanes, but many fail to recognize bicyclists because they’re much smaller. With all these possibilities that can lead to accidents, it’s no wonder that those numbers are so high.

Injured cyclists can suffer from a wide range of injuries. They’re significantly more exposed in an accident than the driver and can sustain severe injuries that require medical care—and result in high medical expenses.

In a bicycle wreck, the bicyclist could sustain a traumatic brain injury, bone fractures or breaks, amputations, or soft tissue damage. The more severe injuries can be catastrophic, which means they will have lasting effects and can inhibit one’s ability to be gainfully employed. With injuries like these, it often means the person will require intense continued medical care at home, which can quickly add up. There’s also the chance that the accident could be fatal, in which case family members may be seeking a wrongful death suit.

While you’re seeking compensation for these losses, there’s no guarantee that you’ll quickly have the settlement you deserve. That’s why when you need pre-settlement lawsuit funding immediately, you can turn to us for help.

We Provide Bicycle Collision Settlements to Those Who Need Them

Preferred Capital Funding makes the process of getting your bicycle accident funding easy. There are just a couple of matters you need to take care of before applying.

Discuss this matter with your attorney. They may or may not be willing to work with a funding company. If they are willing to do so, then you can talk about the appropriate amount to ask for.

Applying takes less than ten minutes. You can apply for your money now. We’ll get in touch with your attorney for more information and figure out the final amount of your funding. Then the money is in your hands and you have financial peace of mind.

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