Employment Lawsuit Funding

Employees have many protections under employment law that their employer is supposed to uphold. This includes having a nondiscriminatory work environment, adhering to minimum wage, and providing safe working conditions. When employers do not follow these laws, employees can get hurt, lose their job, or otherwise be put in unfair situations. Typically, if an employee’s rights have been violated, they can follow through with a legal claim. Sometimes, the case will reach settlement, but there’s no telling how long litigation will take. If you’re in a situation where you need your compensation now, Preferred Capital Funding can provide the employment lawsuit funding you need.

We understand that you’re already in a confusing situation when you’re involved in an employment lawsuit. You may be nervous to come forward with your claim and then follow through. When you’re facing financial difficulties because of your case, it can add another complicated layer to what you have to keep in mind. We’re here to alleviate that complication. Preferred Capital Funding wants to help give you some peace of mind during this time.

The Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding

When you’re in the middle of employment litigation, your case may be taking longer than you’d expected. If you’re not getting a paycheck during this time, you could be put under a lot of financial stress. Your involvement in the legal process doesn’t stop the fact that you’re still going to have to pay your bills and have regular expenses like utilities and food.

This is when you need lawsuit funding, so you can afford your expenses and not worry about the time your case is taking. When people want to move their case along more quickly, they may feel pressure to settle earlier just to have the matter over and done with. However, settling early can do a major financial disservice to you. Agreeing to settle early could leave you with an amount that is less than you deserve.

Lawsuit funding also gives you the space to take a step back, take care of what you need to pay off, and perhaps give you a fresh perspective on your case because you won’t feel constrained by your financial responsibilities.

How Do You Get Lawsuit Funding?

Preferred Capital Funding makes it easy to get the funding you need. While a standard approval system may require a lot of personal information like credit, employment history, your current employment status, and additional background information, ours does not look into these aspects. What we need from you is much more minimal.

Before anything, you need to know if your lawyer will work with us. We cannot approve your funding if you don’t have a legal representative willing to work with us. Then, you and your lawyer can figure out how much funding you should receive based on what your settlement is likely to be. Taking too little may not give you the support you need and taking too much could lead to financial complications in the future.

Applying is a simple process. All we need to know is your name, how to contact you, what area of law your claim is in, and your requested funding amount. We have a team of legal underwriters who will look at your application, determine if you qualify, and if the funding amount is appropriate. After it’s approved, you could have your money within 24 hours.

We know how time-consuming a lawsuit can be and understand that seeking funding may seem overwhelming in an already-complex situation. However, settlement funding operates in a unique way. When you receive pre-settlement funding, the fees and interest are added at the beginning. This way, you will know exactly how much you need to pay us back after your lawsuit settles. The process of paying back lawsuit funding is done in one easy lump sum that will come from your compensation. You don’t have to worry about spreading it out over months and accumulating interest.

This is all dependent on if you win your lawsuit. If you do not have a successful lawsuit, then you do not have to pay back the funding you receive in most states.

Preferred Capital Funding Is Here for You

We firmly believe in helping those who are currently held up in the legal process and need a way to get financial relief. Our settlement amounts range from $500 to $500,000.

When you can take care of your everyday expenses, you can return your attention to your case and get one step closer to reaching its conclusion. Apply for funding today.

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