Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Funding

It’s typical for many employment situations in this country to be at-will, which means the employer has the right to fire an employee for any reason at any time. However, these are typically for reasons like repeatedly showing up to work late or poor work performance. There are some reasons that employers cannot fire employees for. A person who thinks the reason they were fired was protected by law can file a lawsuit against their employer. These cases can take a long time. If you need wrongful termination lawsuit funding, Preferred Capital Funding may be able to help you.

Usually, the employer has more money than the employee and can afford to draw the case out, but this negatively affects the employee. When a lawsuit extends over months, you may start to fall behind in bills. Your expenses don’t stop because you’re currently involved in a litigation process. This could prompt you to want to settle your case early and use that settlement to pay off the bills. But, settling early could typically result in compensation that’s less than you deserve. You shouldn’t be forced to take a less than favorable settlement due to outside financial stress. Our pre-settlement funding is meant to give you some financial relief so you can focus on your lawsuit.

When Is a Termination Wrongful?

There are several situations where termination is considered wrongful. Employers cannot discriminate, so they cannot fire someone based on the employee’s gender, skin color, religion, ethnicity, or age. Employees are also protected from retaliation. If an employee was a whistleblower and came forward with something against the employer or the company, they are protected. If the employer breached the employee’s contract, the employee may have grounds for a lawsuit.

There’s also the situation of constructive discharge. This happens when the employer has made the employee’s job so terrible that the employee feels they needed to leave it. They can file wrongful termination claims, too.

While all these protections are put in place for employees, this doesn’t always deter employers from firing them for unjust reasons. This can be confusing and leave you not knowing what to do next. Coming forward with a wrongful termination claim can be intimidating, but you deserve to protect your rights.

You want to make sure you have the time you need so you can get the full compensation that you deserve. There are many factors that the courts consider in these cases, like the evidence for you claim, your income, the time you worked for the company, and if you have any eyewitnesses. To give yourself this time, you may want to consider getting lawsuit funding so you can afford your everyday expenses during this process.

Pre-Settlement Cash Funding Can Help You

When you need funds to pay for bills, we can help. Preferred Capital Funding offers cash amounts between $500 to $500,000. You can find out where you fall on that scale by having a conversation about funding with your lawyer. Your legal representative will need to be willing to work with us in order for your funds to get approved. If they agree, you can discuss the amount you’ll need. It’s important to take the appropriate amount so you can cover your expenses, but not take too much so you’re in financial difficulties later.

The risk of pre-settlement funding does not fall on the person receiving it. Preferred Capital Funding and your lawyer both take on the risk. If you win your case, you pay us back, at once, from your settlement award you receive. There won’t be any surprising fees or additions that drive up the amount you owe. You’ll know the full amount you owe when you receive the funding. In most states, if you lose your case, you are not responsible for paying us back.

You Can Receive the Lawsuit Funds You Need

After a simple conversation with your lawyer, you can fill out an application for lawsuit funding today. It takes minutes and asks for brief information about you and your case. There aren’t invasive questions that could be included in other funding approval processes. Preferred Capital Funding does not need to know your background, current employment status, or credit score. We just need to know that you’re currently involved in a personal injury case and were wronged by a negligent party. You’ll tell us your name, contact information, the amount you’re requesting, and the type of case you’re involved in.

Our legal underwriters will get to reviewing your application as soon as possible. If you’re approved for pre-settlement funding, you could have it in as little as 24 hours. At most, the approval process will take a few business days. We work as efficiently as possible to get you the funding you need, so you can take care of your financial responsibilities.

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