How Has COVID-19 Affected Personal Injury Settlements?

Published on Feb 12, 2021 at 1:02 pm in Legal Information.

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If you’ve been hurt because of someone’s negligent actions, you would normally seek legal action. However, you may have pause about proceeding with a claim because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You could worry about the time it would take or if taking these steps could potentially be risky. The personal injury process has adapted so it can continue during the pandemic and people have the opportunity to get the justice they deserve.

The Constraints of COVID-19

The pandemic has affected how we live our day-to-day lives. Many people are working from home and staying home. This also means that law offices and the courts may not be operating the same way as they did before the pandemic. The constraints facing the courts include delayed court dates and you may be dealing with pressure to settle the case so it doesn’t have to proceed to court. However, going to court may be the best option for you.

Proceeding to go to court may also be overwhelming right now because of costs. Those who are wrongfully injured may have significant medical expenses and they may be unable to work due to their injuries. Many people in the pandemic may have already lost work, making the financial constraints of an injury even more detrimental.

However, it’s important to remember that a successful outcome can give you the financial peace of mind you need to recover from the accident. This can help with medical bills and other financial difficulties you’re facing because of the negligent actions of another.

While there are different ways for the courts to operate, you are still able to have the chance to seek justice. Let’s take a look at how personal injury claims may take place during the pandemic.

How Are Personal Injury Claims Progressing?

When you’re going to take legal action, you’ll want to seek representation so you have someone on your side who will protect your rights. Personal injury lawyers haven’t stopped helping those who need it during the pandemic. They’ve adjusted how they meet with clients so they can continue to fight for them while still following the safety guidelines to stop the spread.

Your meeting with your personal injury lawyer may not occur in their office. It’s possible you’ll have online meetings to talk about your case and your options. This way, you are able to start protecting your future without the risk of exposure or exposing others to potential germs.

Remaining six feet apart from others and reducing capacity in buildings has also affected the courts. They could not keep running as usual and because of this, they dealt with significant delays because of limiting access to public courts.

When you’re dealing with the financial damages of a personal injury, waiting for a court date can seem like a lifetime when you need relief now. Some courts are taking steps forward to meet the unique challenges of the pandemic, one of them being using technology to facilitate court services.

Your court dates could also be done via video-conferencing as well. This has myriad benefits because they can continue to provide justice to those who need it. Video-conferencing also saves time, money, and avoids the risk of exposure.

While you may be going through the legal process, you may already have medical debt and other expenses from the accident. Before the pandemic, people could still need help faster than they could reach a verdict. That’s where Preferred Capital Funding comes in.

Preferred Capital Funding Is Here for You

When you’re seeking justice through a lawsuit, it can take time before you get the compensation you deserve. This timeline may only be extended because of the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. But this doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

Preferred Capital Funding offers lawsuit funding so you can get the funds you need to cover the costs of your injuries. You’ll be able to cover medical bills, the cost of living with your injuries, and other financial losses you’ve suffered because of the accident. You won’t have to deal with the financial stress of worrying about debt or harassing calls from debt collectors. When you have this peace of mind, you can focus on what you need to do to prepare for court.

To see if you’re eligible for lawsuit funding, speak with your lawyer first. After you’ve communicated with them and you know this is a viable option, you can apply with us for free. If approved, you could have the funding you need within 24 hours.

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