Alabama Lawsuit Funding

If you’re in the midst of a personal injury legal battle, you may be struggling financially to pay for your medical bills and living expenses. Personal injury claims can be complex, which means you could be waiting for months or even years until you see compensation. At Preferred Capital Funding, we provide state residents with the Alabama lawsuit funding they need to stay ahead on bills and focus on recovery.

There is no risk for you to apply for pre-settlement funding. Our legal underwriters will review your application and we’ll speak with your lawyer to determine the strength of your case. You could have the financial support you need in as little as 24 hours.

Understanding the State Requirements That Affect Your Funding

Fortunately for accident victims, there are few requirements to apply for pre-settlement funding. To start, you need to be pursuing an active personal injury claim with a lawyer. You’ll also need to ensure your lawyer is willing to work with us. If both of those factors are true and you are in need of money now, you can apply for Alabama legal funding.

We won’t need to conduct a credit check or look into your financial history or employment status. We only need to verify that you have a strong claim. The application process is fast and simple and can be completed online or by phone.

Alabama’s Personal Injury Laws

There are a number of state-established personal injury laws that could impact your ability to receive legal funding. The most pressing is often the time limits for filing a lawsuit. States have statutes of limitations that determine how long an accident victim has to take legal action. In Alabama, those filing a personal injury claim have two years from the date of the accident to do so. If, however, a minor was injured, those two years do not begin until they turn 19.

If you miss the statute of limitations, you will not be able to seek monetary recovery for your injuries. Ensuring you meet the deadline will put you in the right direction if you need to seek lawsuit funding.

The laws related to shared fault in Alabama could also impact your chances of receiving funding. Alabama follows the contributory negligence rule. This means that if a person is found to be at fault for even a small portion of the accident, they will be unable to recover compensation for their injuries. This harsh rule will play a large part when we consider your eligibility for funding. In order to be entitled for funding, your lawyer will need to prove to us that you have a strong case that places the fault entirely on the defendant.

Personal Injury Claims You Can Seek Funding For

There are a variety of personal injury claims that we can provide lawsuit funding for, like medical malpractice lawsuits, nursing home abuse cases, and truck accident claims. The most common personal injury claim that victims are likely to file, however, is for car accidents.

According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, traffic crashes are on the rise. In 2016, there were 155,907 accidents. As a result, 47,653 people were injured and 1,089 died. Based on those numbers, it’s suggested that a typical driver in Alabama has greater than a one in three chance of being involved in a wreck that results in injuries or fatalities.

With any personal injury claim, the plaintiff may have to cope with unexpected costs, in addition to their hospital bills and everyday expenses. When you seek pre-settlement funding in Alabama from Preferred Capital Funding, you won’t have to worry about running out of money while you’re taking time off work to recover.

Seek Pre-Settlement Funding Options in Alabama Today

Through us, Alabama lawsuit funding is non-recourse. This means that if your case does not fall in your favor, you can keep the funding we provided you with and you won’t owe us anything in return. We take on the risk that a loss is possible.

We’re here to provide personal injury victims with the lawsuit funding they need to get their life back in order while focusing on legal matters. Discuss the matter with your lawyer. If it seems in your best interests to seek funding in Alabama, submit your application today.

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