Louisiana Lawsuit Funding

Seeking compensation for damages that were caused by another person may seem like a straightforward process. Since they harmed you, you can file a personal injury claim and collect a settlement that will help you take care of what the accident cost you. However, you may find that this is not the direction your claim takes. The defendant may try to prolong the legal process. In doing so, they knowingly create a financially difficult situation for you. Your medical expenses and other everyday bills start to add up and you need to pay them back. This often leaves plaintiffs with a difficult choice: Keep going forward with the case and financially struggle until you get your compensation or settle early, which may mean settling for less than you deserve. Preferred Capital Funding can give you a third option.

Louisiana lawsuit funding can be the key that allows you to continue your case and pay off the bills you owe. You won’t feel pressure to settle early and you can get peace of mind that you’re looking out for your best interests.

Why Do People Need Legal Funding?

While you’ll have medical bills to afford, you’ll also need to keep up with maintaining your household. Affording rent, groceries, utilities, and other common expenses may suddenly become the source of financial stress. Your injuries may be preventing you from work, barring you from having a consistent source of income.

Some injuries can sometimes be catastrophic, meaning that they have permanent consequences and you’re no longer able to be gainfully employed. This takes a major toll on people and they will have to go through a major adjustment period. In order to have a financially stable future, they need to get fair compensation for their injuries. Legal funding could give them that breathing room so they can let the case unfold while they pay their expenses and adjust to their new way of life.

Applying for lawsuit funding is a hassle-free process. We don’t look into personal information like your employment status or credit score. Paying it back is also easy because we give you the total upfront with everything included. There aren’t any surprises when it’s time to pay back the money. You only pay back the funding if you win your case and receive compensation, but not if you lose your case. With legal funding, we take on the risk of loss, not you.

Requirements for Louisiana Lawsuit Funding

For you to be eligible to receive pre-settlement funding, you need to provide your name, phone number, email, and proof of your personal injury case. You will also need to check in with your lawyer because they have to agree to work with us. If your lawyer will not work with us, we cannot approve your funding.

Our funding amounts range from $500-$500,000. We can help those with major and minor cases. Before requesting your amount, you must go over this with your lawyer. They will help you determine the appropriate amount to request. It’s important to get an accurate estimation of what you’ll need. If you take too much, you may have trouble paying it back after your case is settled, but you still need to take enough so it’s helpful for you when you receive the funding.

Receive Pre-Settlement Funding in Louisiana Today

Once you have the details figured out with your lawyer, you can apply for your funding today. It takes minutes and the response time is quick. Our legal underwriters could approve your funds in 24 hours, and you’ll be able to get your finances back on track. Preferred Capital Funding works to help people who truly need it. We’re available to answer any of your questions or concerns and put you on the right path to putting this behind you.

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