Michigan Lawsuit Funding

Those who are injured turn to the justice system to enforce their rights to fair compensation. While they can depend on the courts to help them if they have been wrongfully injured, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen quickly. These cases take time and your lawyer will want to make sure that all the facts and details are present, so nothing is left out. On the other side, the defendant may also try to draw out the legal process.

When they do this, it’s meant to prolong your case so it takes more time to get the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, hospital bills and living expenses don’t go away when you’re waiting for your settlement. These bills have due dates and you need to meet the deadlines. You may need to settle early and use that money to cover those costs. Preferred Capital Funding can provide Michigan lawsuit funding that will help you cover your current financial needs. You’ll be able to wait for your case to conclude and not worry about rushing it.

Personal Injury Cases and Application Requirements

Some personal injury cases we’ve provided legal funding for are motor vehicle accident cases. This includes cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In 2018, Michigan had a total of 312,798 crashes. 905 of the crashes were fatal and there were 974 fatalities. 55,340 crashes caused injuries, with 75,838 injuries.

Failing to yield resulted in 46,846 accidents. Reckless driving caused about 11,998 accidents. Disobeying traffic laws and not practicing safe driving behaviors puts everyone at risk. Car accident injuries are serious and can take months to properly heal. Many people may be unable to work, but not having their regular paycheck is most likely not a viable option.

This is why lawsuit funding can help and the process of getting it is an easy one. Your first step is to discuss the matter with your lawyer. They have to be willing to work with us in order for us to approve your request. Then you should discuss the amount of your funding. Make sure you’re taking enough so you can take care of your current financial matters, but not an amount that you will have trouble paying back.

Repayment is also a matter that people wonder about. In the state of Michigan, you do not have to pay us back if you lose your case. However, since we take on the risk, we will need to get an idea of your chances of having a successful outcome. If you do win and get compensation, you’ll pay us back in one payment. You’ll know the exact amount because we calculate everything beforehand. There won’t be any surprise fees when it’s time to pay us back.

How Do Michigan Laws Affect Pre-Settlement Funding?

Those who are injured typically have a certain amount of time to file a claim. This is called a statute of limitations. In Michigan, citizens have three years to come forward with a claim. Missing this window could result in your case getting dismissed without review. If you miss this deadline, you will also not be eligible for lawsuit funding in Michigan.

Preferred Capital Funding Can Help You Today

You can get the financial relief you need in as little as 24 hours. All you need to do is fill out the application form. We don’t ask for personal information regarding your employment history or credit score. Our legal underwriters will review your application and get in touch with your lawyer. Then, when your request is approved, you’ll be able to take care of your expenses. We’re also ready to answer any additional questions or concerns that you have about the process.

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