Oregon Lawsuit Funding

When you’ve suffered a wrongful injury, you’ve also probably suffered from financial losses. As you aim to seek compensation, the costs of the injuries can start to become overwhelming. When you have expenses to pay but cannot yet pay them back because you’re waiting for your settlement, you can seek help from Preferred Capital Funding. We can provide Oregon lawsuit funding so you can pay off what you owe now.

State Laws That Affect Oregon Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

When you’re pursuing compensation for a personal injury, you need to do so within a set period of time, which is called a statute of limitations. In Oregon, you have two years from the date of the accident to come forward. Failing to meet this requirement means that your case may not be considered, and you will not be able to receive compensation. If you’re outside of the statute of limitations, then you are also ineligible for lawsuit funding in Oregon.

When you’re within the statute of limitations and have a valid personal injury lawsuit in Oregon, you can apply for pre-settlement funding from our company. There are a few other requirements that you have to meet before submitting your application. We will be getting more information about your case from your legal representative. For this to work, they need to be willing to work with us. After your lawyer agrees and you decide that this is a viable option for you, then you and your attorney can determine how much you require. We offer amounts anywhere from $500 to $500,000. Your funding should be enough to help you pay your bills, but not too much that you’ll possibly have problems paying it back after you receive your settlement.

For those with concerns about the risks of paying back lawsuit funding, you don’t have to be worried. In the state of Oregon, our funding is non-recourse, meaning that you don’t have to pay your funding back if you lose your case. If you do win your case, you pay back the funding in one lump sum out of your settlement award. You will about any fees or interest charges up front so there are no surprises.

Common Personal Injury Cases That Require Funding

Preferred Capital Funding has received requests for all types of personal injury cases. One of the most common is motor vehicle accidents. In 2016, Oregon had a total of 60,053 crashes. There were 498 fatalities and 44,629 people were injured. Heavy trucks were involved in 2,620 accidents and motorcycles were in 1,085. Pedestrians were involved in 1,078 accidents.

Drivers exhibited these negligent behaviors the most:

  • Failed to avoid stopped or parked vehicle in front of them
  • Ran off the road
  • Failed to stay in their lane
  • Didn’t yield the right-of-way
  • Tailgating
  • Speeding

Negligent pedestrians often caused accidents because they were crossing between intersections, didn’t yield the right-of-way, or didn’t obey traffic signals.

If the defendant caused your accident because of their negligence, you most likely will have a successful case. But that doesn’t mean the process will be swift. You may find that they are dragging out the legal process, which can be costly. This is a tactic to try to get you to settle the case earlier because you have expenses that you need to pay now. However, this may mean that you’re getting less than you deserve. Lawsuit funding can help you avoid this situation.

Apply for Your Lawsuit Funding in Oregon Today 

Your application will include your name, contact information, your requested amount, and the type of case. Our legal underwriters will review your application and be in touch with your lawyer. Funding approval could happen in a day and you can start to take care of your financial matters. Fill out your application today.

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