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If you’ve been wrongfully injured in an accident, the best way for you to recover fully is to file a personal injury claim. With the right lawyer by your side, you could see full and fair compensation from the at-fault party. Unfortunately, personal injury litigation is complex. As a result, plaintiffs may be stuck waiting months or even years for compensation. This can be a problem if you need money now to pay for medical bills—especially if you’re missing work. Colorado lawsuit funding can keep you financially comfortable and give you the time you need to build and present a strong lawsuit.

When you submit an application for pre-settlement funding with Preferred Capital Funding, you’re taking the first steps toward recovering as quickly as possible. With our simple and fast application process, you know if you’re eligible for funding within a few business days. In order to understand if lawsuit funding is right for you, we’ll discuss the typical personal injury claims we fund and how Colorado’s laws could affect your eligibility.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Fund in Colorado

Colorado residents file personal injury claims for all kinds of accidents. Many of the plaintiffs that apply for legal funding through us have filed claims involving traffic accidents. Car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle collisions often result in serious injuries. As medical expenses pile up next to rent, mortgage, groceries, and bills, victims may be overwhelmed and struggling financially.

In Colorado, traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, distracted and drunk driving are serious issues. From 2012 to 2017, there were a total of 87,274 crashes caused by distracted drivers. Common distractions include using a cellphone to make calls, text, or check email, eating, and rubbernecking. In 2017, 4,801 wrecks were caused by drunk drivers. As a result, 1,145 people were injured and 69 died.

Understanding the State Laws That Impact Your Funding Eligibility

In order for you to receive funds from us, your lawyer will need to prove to us that you have a strong case. This is because we take on all the risk when providing you with funding. You do not pay us back if you lose your case. So, there will need to be substantial evidence that shows the defendant caused the accident you were in.

Colorado follows a comparative fault rule. This means that both parties can be found responsible for the accident at different percentages. If, for example, you were involved in a car accident and sped through a yellow light at the time, but the other driver was speeding and intoxicated and hit you at the intersection, it’s likely they will be found more at fault. This impacts compensation. So, if you are found to be 15 percent at fault for the crash, you will only be eligible for 85 percent of the compensation.

This comparative fault rule impacts how much money you should request from our funding company. If your lawyer believes you may be found at fault for a small portion of your accident, you’ll want to request less money than if you were planning on being found completely innocent. This will help you avoid owing more money back to us than what you received when your case settles.

Preferred Capital Funding Is Here for Colorado Personal Injury Plaintiffs

When you apply for Colorado lawsuit funding through Preferred Capital Funding, you’re working to secure a future for you and your family. We believe that personal injury victims deserve to recover as quickly and as fully as possible, even if their cases take a considerable amount of time to settle. If you’re ready to receive the money you need to restore order in your life, apply online today or give one of our lawsuit funding specialists a call.

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